Holiday is a very great time to relax and do less work. It's the season where we catch up with our family and relatives with their current success moments and also share yours.

One of the good thing during holiday season is the endless sale's from different establishments and the endless christmas party that you will attend to. Choosing a gift for your relatives and friends (or even for your "Juanito/Juanita") always takes us days or even weeks to find that perfect thing. It's hard to find something that they will truly love - cause, every person has it's personal interest on the aesthetics of the given material whether it's tangible or intangible (I guess that's too deep. Lol ). Let me rephrase it, we don't much know what our friends or even relatives what they truly prefer. So, I came up with this 3 gift guide that will surely make your gift a memorable one:

1. It has to be something that is your interest - this has always been my only guide.  I always put a grater sentimental value if the gift was based from his personal interest. It is something that defines him that he wants to share with you and to be with you all along.
2. If you don't want something that is your interest. It has something to be their interest. We always take this as our no. 1 guide in buying a gift for the person: "Will he like it?" or even ask ourselves directly "is this one part of his interest?". Why? Because, as Filipinos we are practical that we don't want our expense to be wasted. We always want that what we buy will be used in it's full capacity.
3. It has to be unique. Of course it has to be unique - nothing beats a material thing that will be head turner not because it's the "it" thing. But because it's a uniquely wonderful material that everyone will try to look for.

Aside from buying gifts for the people we love, we also want to buy something for ourselves. A gift that serves as a token or reward for a year well-done. And to be honest getting stuck at a traffic is not pleasing in anyway, or getting swarmed through the crowed looking for something that we might like is not fun either. So, I tend to look online and I had discovered this SSI (Store Specialists, Inc.) Life that cater different kind of items that are great option for your gifts. Just head over to and start shopping. Below are some of my great finds!

Photos by Marknel Reyes

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