Most people now a days can't leave without handling a bag for things. It's either a clutch, a knapsack, a messenger bag, or even just a pouch. I honestly admit that I always bring a bag along with me. I even wish a new bag for this christmas - I will never get enough of it, lol. And beside it's one of the basic essentials you need to have, aside from shoes - of course. But, most question for some people are what to put inside the bag? - it's really hard to think of it. Well, here are my suggestions because you will always see it inside my bag.

  1. Alcohol/Hand Sanitizer - It will cost you more when you get sick than preventing yourself getting sick because of the things you touch. Which definitely put alcohol on the no. 1 list of my bag essentials. 
  2. Sun Block Lotion - Philippines is a one hot sunny country, and nothing will keep us from getting sun burn is by putting some sun block. And it doesn't stay on your skin for all day. So handling one can make you re-apply some to secure your skin.
  3. Toothpaste - It's really important to make your breath fresh and smell fresh. We never knew when we will it foods that can cause our breath to smell bad. Well, if you don't want to bring toothpaste a long with you a gum or candy is a very good alternative.
  4. Ball point pen - I once dreamt t be a jouralist, that's why I always bring a ball pen. But I also realize that it is very important to bring one. Aside from it add up your look. It's always good to sign and write papers where will make your hand writing look good cause you're comfortable with the pen. 
  5. Fine liner - There are papers that your pen can't write. So, Fineliner always come in handy. Besides noting something with bold letters can be a good thing for a very organize way of living.
  6. Planner - To keep your plans well organize is always to keep a planner with you. Smart phones are a good alternative. But, nothing beats the old way or organizing things and writing on a personal planner is a very good one. I assure you once you start using planner, you're life can change a bit from spontaneous to planned.
  7. Pouch - I prefer calling this men's pouch. It's where all your grooming things should be put. And it make inside your bag look tidy rather than chaotic.
  8. Nail Cutter - Not all of use has time to go to nail spa. So, it's always handy to bring nail cutter along with you to keep your nails look good and clean.
  9. Shave - Tbh, sometimes due to being exhausted the previous day, I have limited time to prepare my self before going to school and I forgot to shave. That's why I always bring an emergency shave with me.
  10. Toothbrush - Some foods and drinks can really stain your teeth and using toothpicks can damage your teeth. The best way to clean your teeth is by brushing it or using floss - I prefer brushing it cause floss can damage your teeth easily. But take note, don't brush it too long cause too much can damage it - just enough to remove the stain and make your breath smells good.
  11. Ear Phones - A long ride going somewhere is a boring one. So, plucking something on your ear is a good way to boost up your day. And I can't live a day without listening to my favorite songs.
  12. Fix Grundge Up - I once used to use the Clay Dough one but it ends up super dry looking. That's why I change to using grundge up. It's more slicker to use and it add up shine to your hair. Not ending super dry. Just like shave sometimes you already forgot to fix your hair, because drying it takes a very long time without blower.

*note: I excluded my sketching materials cause they are optional. But, for artist or dreaming to be an artist, I suggest to always bring your art materials - which are can be put inside your bag of course, because you can't predict when will "INSPIRATION" comes and knock on your bbbrrrraaaaaiiiinnnnnsssss.

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