"Put on a trench, you're instantly Audrey Hepburn walking along the Seine." - Michael Kors

A classic trench coat can work with any weather and goes well with almost anything - Promise! But the best part of it is that it makes you instantly mysterious (like a film noir where you are playing a detective character, think about Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew for girls - Young and Mysterious). But that's not my point of mysterious, My very own point of being mysterious is it makes you look more interesting and makes women or men (for women's POV) wants to approach you instantly and ask you out for a coffee or even ask for your number directly. 

Classic trench coat doesn't always need to be mixed with classic accessories but always look best with them. For this look I came up with, almost everything are classics, a classic men's white button down shirt, one of the most brilliant invented men's outfit, can go also go with almost everything and still classy, a black grey neck warmer - as what I would always call it, a classic grey vest, a denim, and a combat shoes, and always bring an aviator - you will never know when you will need them plus it adds up the whole mysterious look.

Aviator - SM Accessories | Trench Coat - Tayuman Shopping Central | Neck Warmer - A Gift From My Boss | Vest - Ricci Lizaso | Trench - Monumento Ukay-Ukay | Denim -  SM Department Store | Combat Boots - Monumento Ukay-Ukay

Photos by The Marknel Reyes 

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