Genki started in the fashion industry when he was in 8th grade. Being exuberant about the process of sketching and collaborating his imagination, he enhance his skills on it. He started reading different kind of books, and magazines about the industry he really wanna get into, a dream job and an awesome career in the future. He started to full tons of sketchbooks, until he started to decide to build up his portfolio. Now, he is starting to build up hi brand in front of all people. A brand that is about to reborn to give hope and an innovative aspect in this industry
Anyway, back to the story telling: "Who is Genki?" he is just him, enjoying the world how it revolves and discovering mysteries that are yet to be discovered. A person who aim for something but will not settle for that something and start aiming for another higher something - Yeah, full of something that are unknown but you get it, right? We're human who are loving the beauty of the world. We are people who still believe that humanity is present even in the darkest moment of your life. Join him in his journey, first in the Philippines then after the whole world!


Email: genki.boncales@gmail.com | +63 927-309-4146