December has finally come and most of us are busy wrapping those gifts or even still can't decide what to buy as presents - I'll tell you what are my gift ideas for my friends and family really soon. Aside from the busy road and consistent hot weather in the Philippines, some of us are still on the go for fall/winter outfit ideas - and I'm part of those crowd.
This poncho that I made using Armani Wool is a very grate alternative for the original knitted wool poncho. It really do achieve the comfortable wearable piece yet still applying the drama effects of a poncho made for winter seasons - plus, the color is gray! Which I totally love. I paired it with a plain black men's shawl, a jeans, a sexy combat shoes and a handbag. How about you, what's your ideal holiday outfit? Let me know by commenting it below!


Circular Sunglasses - Ray Ban | Men's Shawl - SM Accessories | Poncho - DIY | Pants - Bench | Hand Bag - Tory Burch |  Combat Boots - Thrift Shop

Photos by Marknel Reyes.

A very good reference in creating your very own poncho, click here.

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