2015 Holiday Style Tips


This season is one of those coldest day. It's a great time to get rid of those sleeveless top and change it into sweater and long-sleeves. I completely and honestly agree that the Philippines belong in the tropical country where it's not very cold compare to countries that has 4 seasons. But to be honest I'm not asking you to wear 5 layers of outfit. Let's face the fact that we're getting cold outside of our houses and we need to change our wardrobe to make it functional.
Listed here are fashion pieces that can help you beat the not so cold weather. Minus of course the hellish heat of public transportation during rush hours.
  • Jackets
Jackets are the most basic of all basics, It even have different variations that you can wear all year out, but varsity jackets are the most common one for hipsters out there, if you don't mind getting soaked in your own sweat during summer. In other words, It's the most versatile outfit for everyone in this generation wherever you go.
To add style and personality to this kind of piece, I advice you to choose leather jackets or denim jackets. Because honestly, varsity jackets are off my own list although a person who is into athletic stuffs can wear those best, but if you're into leisure and climbing the company ladder I advice you not to wear one.
Fashion and Style Tips for men this 2015 Christmas Holiday SeasonFashion Tips for Women this 2015 Christmas Holiday
  • Sweaters
Next to jackets, sweaters are the most typical and basic of all the outfits that can protect us from this cold season. Let's face another fact that this outfit sounds cliché to us, but not most of us. Everybody wear it anywhere and in different ways, cause it goes along with anything. It goes along with shorts, it goes along with slippers, it goes along with basically anything. The challenging part is, how would you standout with the crowd if everyone is wearing one? Let's see who will got a big Y-E-S and who will be a big crestfallen.
swea menFashion Tips and Style for Women this holiday
  • Trench Coat
We all know this as a autumn/winter outfit and we don't usually wear this one cause we feel uncomfortable with it or we find ourselves look idiot in it. uhm, excuse me! What does a trench coat differ from blazers it terms of construction? I have to tell that you'll look idiot if you're starting wearing those jackets that looks like you're about to climb Mt. Everest. This outfit totally rock! And in addition this outfit will make you look more manly for boys and feminine for girls.
fashion and style tips for men this 2015 christmas holidayFashion and style tips for women this 2015 christmas holiday
  • Poncho
This is one of the outfits that are new this year, although it already exist for decades. But the remake and redesign plus the fact that this fashion piece has different pattern is a superb! This piece is a big yes to be added on your wardrobe list.
fashion and style tips for women this 2015 christmas holidayfashion and style tips for men this 2015 christmas holiday
Tip: Upon choosing a poncho first time. Check the aesthetics of it, most poncho are designed for women and not men.
  • Blanket Sweater
Aside from Poncho, Blanket sweater is also one of the top fashion trends this season. It completely fashionable, functional, and highly stylish. You can even wear this in different style.
fashion style and tips for men this christmas holidayFashion and style tips for women this 2015 Christmas holiday
Tip: Upon choosing a blanket sweater for the first time. Check the aesthetics of it, most blanket sweater are designed for women and not men.
There you go! That's my holiday style tips. If you have other style tips for this season feel free to comment it below. One more thing, always try to stand out because fashion will define who you are and what you are.
Disclaimer: Photos are not mine.

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