Business Fashion: 10 Fashion Guides To Attract Money


Fashion in the business industry
"You want money right on your hand, right? Would you believe if I told you that Fashion attracts Money?"
Learning fashion in the business world is a very easy and very fun task. Think of Christian Grey, even tough he's a fictional character, he's my epitome of gorgeously hot chivalrous man. Seeing him on the movie Fifty Shades make me eager to achieve his look, or even not the total look but the fashion style he have.

Posture and skill of persuasive communication are not the only key to ace those business presentations and meetings, fashion also play a big role on it. Base from my experience as a personal stylist and being part of the whole money business, here are my 10 fashion guides to attract money.

Shoes, Oxford, Wingtip,

  • It's All About The Shoes
Shoes is one of the crucial part in men's fashion (even in women). It's one of the things that define who you are as a business man or even as an employee. Most workers today like to wear loafers which is one of the great shoes to wear - during weekend! So, If your going to work from Monday to Friday and doing some business talk or even just going to xerox some papers, it's always better to look good with a nice pair of shoes. I suggest some pair of slim cut black oxford or even a nice khaki brown pair of chelsea boots, you will surely rock the company and people will remember you easily.

Men Clothes

  • Blazers Always Come In Handy
I usually call them on the go suits, they are extremely fashionable and definitely will attract money - at the same time will attract women and of course high positioned people in your company. It always show respect and chivalry that women will totally love.

Vintage Timepiece

  • Vintage Time Piece Is The Epitome of "Time Is Gold"
A time piece define your value about time. It's an accessory where it tells that you just don't use your time wisely but your time is also precious and gold. Upon picking up this kind of accessory, I highly recommend you to not just randomly buy one but choose the aesthetics of it wisely. It should show the edge-sophisticated part of it.

Pink POlo Shirt

  • When In Doubt Wear Pink
If you think that wearing pink makes you less a man, that where you are totally wrong. Pink button down shirt looks totally hot. You will never get wrong with a perfect pink button down shirt and a plain sexy black American blazer.

Men Suits

  • Suits For Business Meetings
"You're always never look over dress with suits in a meeting", that's what I always believed in. Suits are never only been made for special occasions. A perfect black Italian suit will always make you look more money oriented at the same time a romantic chivalrous person that your boss and girl will totally love.
Men's Trench Coat

  • Trench Coat For Rainy Day
Trench coat are more stylish and functional, in a way that it cover mostly your body and it has a very formal construction, against rainy day. Should I speak more of it?


  • Aviator Never Fades
Who would even argue on that? It's classic, it's basic, it's functional, it's stylish. Basically, it has every man ever dream off. 
How to tie a neck tie

  • Know How To Tie a Necktie!
TBH, most men don't know how to tie a necktie. There are many things to consider when you're tying one. The most important is your body aesthetics, there are kind of ties that don't matches slim people and there are one that don't matches large people. For you to be look great on your tie, you have to be aware of your body shape.

Slim Cut Neck Ties
  • Slim Cut Tie Are "In-style"
Now a days, we mostly see men wearing slim cut neck tie rather than the classic fat one. Which has a great effect on your body, it make your body more larger than thinner. Although the effect this can be deviated by the chosen printed pattern. So, try it first before you buy one.


  • Choice Of Cloth Defines How Much You Earn
Expensive cloths makes people to trust you more with their money. Good looks can be easily deviated with the choice of clothes especially on it's choice of cloth. And keep this in mind: "Cheap cloth can be easily distinguish over expensive one." 

Overall, Fashion has a great role behind the success of known businessman. So, if you wanna seal a very big deal. Learn to prepare not only your visual presentation or your never ending persuasive speech, but also learn to prepare those stylish and well groomed attire for you first stepping stone to success.

If you have other fashion guides/tips on how to attract money. Comment it below.
Note: Pictures are not mine.

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