Fashion Guide: How To Create Your Own Personal Style


Personal Style is one thing which will draw attention from the people around you. It’s the single outfit where most people will easy recognize you. Because it’s the one style where you are always good at it whatever the occasion is and it make you standout from the people around you.
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Creating your personal style is quite easy but honestly an expensive one (depends on what brand are you willing to invest on), but this one is an investment for you to stand out. So, here are some tips:
Being different is always a must
No one, deep down, really wants to be exactly like other people and not be true to their selves and their interests. The same goes for your fashion sense and the accessories you add. Why wear what everyone else does and not be individual? With creative ideas, twists and well put together outfits, you can stand out and look amazing at the same
Look by: Chemi Ito Source: Lookbook
Look by: Chemi Ito
Source: Lookbook
Just be who you are
I completely agree on the quotation: “Smile is the best accessory” / “Confidence is the best outfit you can wear.” I mean honestly, who wouldn’t notice your facial expression nor your body posture? It’s very crucial to always look confident and comfortable with what you wear. People will tend to look at you as a fashion disgrace if you don’t even look comfortable with it nor happy with it.
Look by: Kristina D Source:
Look by: Kristina D
Find New Ways To Wear Clothes
This is the part where creativity is crucial. A flannel shirt has many different ways on how to wear them. A single scarf has a dozen times 12 ways on how you can wear it. Just learn how to explore every part of your outfit.
Look by: Lotta-Liina L. Source:
Look by: Lotta-Liina L.
Mix Up The Original Looks
Fashion trend are not very important as you think. What really matter most is how you mix up your closet. It’s a big advantage you know what color look good when paired up. But take note, This tip is very hard to acquire, it takes time and experience to fully master to mix up clothes with one another.
Look by: Alisa S. Source:
Look by: Alisa S.
Show off with accessories
Accessories really do add interest to plainer outfits and outfits which can be accessorized to look even better. Use a big, medium or small bag (depending on the occasion) with nice details and materials, like cloth or leather to store the stuff you need to take with you. Wear some hats or caps if applicable. Accessories doesn’t require to be expensive, As long as it match your dress, go for it.
Look by: Laura Y. Source:
Look by: Laura Y.
So, there you go. Those are my tips on creating your own personal style. But always remember, Your clothes are only a small foundation for who you are attitude and personality still outshine fancy clothes.
If you have other tips that want to share, Just comment them below. Thank you!

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