National Museum of The Philippines: A One True National Treasure


Philippines is celebrating the National Heritage Month and as a contribution to the month long event. I decided to post nothing but about the different National Treasures and Historical Places of the Philippines. Since places outside Manila is quite expensive and also over-used topic, I decided to featured the different Historical Places "WITHIN" Metro Manila. By this, I will fulfill my advocacy that: "You don't have to go further away to experience the rich culture of the Filipinos." Well, For this week I decided to featured the National Museum of the Philippines.

For the whole month of May, National Museum is letting everyone to experience the different national treasure for free. And since I'm quite an art lover, I decided to go back to the place where I really get inspiration whenever I'm having a total mental black - as in literally mental black. Well luckily I didn't go there alone. I'd been with another artsy person and also a very special friend of mine - Sherwin Felix.

National Museum offers a lot of art works and historical artifacts. From the great Manunggul Jar of the early Filipinos to the magnificent Spolarium of a Juan Luna, A National Artist of the Philippines.

The National Museum of the Philippines is a government institution of the Philippines and serves as an avenue for educational, scientific, and cultural institution in preserving the various national collections.

We went to two National Museums, First we went through the National Museum of Fine Arts or formerly known as the National Art Gallery. The Facade of the building had classical features using Corinthian columns, ornamentation and Renaissance inspired sculptural forms.

Second, we went to the National Museum of Anthropology, formerly called the Museum of the Filipino People. It houses the anthropology and archaeology division. It also houses one of my favorite aspect of Filipino culture which is the Philippine Textiles.

It was really a great experience to be back on this wonderful place. The place is so peaceful - in a sense where even the place is crowded with people, I still feel inner peace, Lovely and Exquisite. I visited some of the artworks and artifacts that I love. Although I just visited the first floor of the National Artist Gallery due to time constrain. But I still enjoy the different artifacts and fossils. 

I don't know what to tell you anymore. I just encourage you and it's highly recommended to visit the Philippine National Museum. They are open daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, No entrance fee for the whole month of May 2016. I guarantee you that you will learn a lot and I hope that the artsy-artsy part of you will be unleashed. Stay tune next week for the second part of my National Heritage Month Blog post.

For more info about National Museum of The Philippines click here.

- Regards Genki Boncales - Oikawa (Left) and Sherwin Felix (Right)

*NOTE: For this month I'll be skipping fashion tips, I'll be focusing more on my outfit of the day and my journey for the week. Thank you! - xoxo

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