Maybe it's still too early for the beach. But when you're in the Philippines and with your awesome friends, there's no exemption when the beach calls.

I had a great time at the beach of Subic - a three and half hour ride from manila. We arrived at the Subic bay by 5:00 am and lucky to experience the sun rise. It was breath-taking to see the sun rising up from the tip of the mountains that are near - but really far - from the bay. After taking some pictures and experiencing the sun rise we change to our official beach outfits and take a bit of sunbathing. The sand is still cool from the morning and it's really relaxing to feel it touches your skin. We dip in the sea and also experience kayaking - which is very cheap. Our trip in Subic is like a family bonding, we stayed in a cottage - which is also have a very cheap rent, cooked our meals, did some karaoke and also had a few glasses of beer. At the end of the day, we had fun and we cherish the moment we sitted in the fine sand along the subic bay. We cant wait for our next visit.

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