I really do love visiting historical places but aside from it, I always schedule a day to visit our national Museum. Why? Because it can be a good source of inspiration. I usually visit national Museum to talk with the different great artist of the Philippines- of course, not literary. I talk to them by looking at their great artworks and masterpieces, It really do feel so good to reconnoiter with them. The moment you step inside the museum, you can feel the power of it going inside your veins. It's like it gives you ideas and a new level of creativity and motivation to do more and create more.

I always had a good day when I visit the National Museum. And I recommend all people to visit the national museum even just once a month or whenever you feel you want to. You can learn a lot from the history and culture of the Philippines. They are open everyday, with a entrance fee of Php 50.00 but free during Sundays.

You can check more details at their website:

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