Styling Up: Inspiration Boards


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Photo not mine!! This is a photo I got from google that I also use for my wallpaper cause it's so good!!
Style is a tricky thing: everyone wants it, and few have it. Creating your own personalized version can be an expensive, time-consuming, what-was-I-thinking? - filled process that goes on for years. And if that wasn't enough, no matter how committed you are to the quest, great results are not guaranteed! This blog post will be quite long since I want to make it informative as possible. Here we go and I hope you learn something.

Now, before we hit the metaphorical trail and and start searching for that rare and covetable beastie, stylus personalus - known as personal style - let's discuss first our game plan. Regardless of your budget's size or the current state of your closet, it's always important to do your research. I'm not talking about cramming your brain full of fashion facts and stats-instead, I want you to focus on the one simple thing that is the crux of every excellent outfit or admirable look: INSPIRATION.

At my room, I have a simple and little iron grid that's dedicated to inspiration. It's a constantly changing hodgepodge of my favorite runway images, celeb photos torn from my beloved shelter magazines, fabric swatches, album covers, movie stills, ad campaigns, black and white photography, and product shots of yummy coats, hats, and bags. The grid is a shrine to fashion and favorite tastemakers - so it is really quite fabulous looking and definitely adds an arty edge to the decor - but at the end of the day, it's just a really inspiration board.

fashion, inspiration
Picture is only taken from my iphone and the light of my room is not bright. This is for example purpose only.
I highly encourage you to create your own version at your very own room, though of course you don't need to dedicate a whole wall to your board. If you don't have enough room for a regular bulletin board, or fear that it might look too juvenile, just use the backside of your closet door, or even the inside of your bathroom cabinet, instead. 

If you're a much more digital kind of person - like me! creating a board with Pinterest is also highly advice-able, which I also have for digital pictures that I don't have time to print and put it on my inspirational board

Note! Don't ever disregard the inspiration board. You may associate it with the sort of junior high scrapbook-style, But I promise you that it's actually a powerful tool to help you discover your personal style. Plus, the board will let you channel your creative energy in a concentrated, playful way and provides you a risk-free environment to try new things and experiment.

Now, for the actual nuts and bolts of assembling your inspiration board, there are only three things you need to keep in mind.

1.Nothing's off limits

As what I keep saying, inspiration can come from anything and anywhere, so keep your eyes peeled for things that delights you. Fabric, photos, magazines, and personal momentos are all great source for inspiration board materials.

2.  Follow your instincts

Let your subconscious take over and guide your inspiration board selection. You don't have to understand why you're pulling something for your mood board; you just have to find it interesting. If you pick things that sparks an immediate reaction, you're going to have an honest and revealing board.

3. Embrace Fantasy

The point of creating a mood board is to delve deep into your desires, so don't stop and analyze what you're selecting. This is not the time to think about whether or not a particular silhouette would be flattering on your figure or if your accessories selection are in your budget, so just ignore those realities. You'll have plenty of time to be practical later!

Once you've spent an afternoon creating your inspiration board, now you have to interpret it. Sometimes it's easy to see a pattern and of course, not every board will showcase such "pure" look, which is certainly fine. But if your board shows a seemingly incongruous mash-up of inspirations and you're unsure about what it all means, don't freak out! Many of our favorite fashion icons blend a couple of styles together to create their own signature look.

Once you're settled with your fashion board you're next step is to create youre timeless aned personalize capsule wardrobe which will be discussed in a new blogpost. But for now stick with your inspirational board learn to mix and match and whenever you go shopping, visualize your "INSPIRATION BOARD" and it will definitely help you shop. It will be your no. 1 shopping buddy and styling buddy! 

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