Bahay-Bahayan: An A-406 Multimedia Arts Exhibit


Last March 1 - 4 of 2016, I visited an art exhibit organized by the A-406 Multimedia Arts Students of the Lyceum University of the Philippines. Their art exhibit is entitled "Bahay-Bahayan" - A traditional Filipino children role playing game where they will act as a grown parents with a child or children.

They had really taken me back to my childhood days and they really did touch my child soul through out the visit. I also visited the output displayed in the exhibit where I hired to be the stylist for it. It was entitled "Paper-dolls" this concept was inspired by also a 90's kid Filipino toy called "Paper-doll". This work was headed by one of the student "slash fashion photographer named Marknel Reyes. I was overwhelmed by the output of it, that I almost cried. Aside from it, I also had several favorites from the exhibit, I almost want to bought it but I was not bringing extra money to have a bid with the artist. But, I promise to myself, when the time I see it again, I will buy it on the spot.

For more photos of the event you can check their facebook page here.

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