Sunday morning is one of the best. It's the time where we can wake up around 12am or wake up earlier but be still at bed by 1pm. It's the time where we will have "brunch" instead of the traditional "lunch" and "breakfast". Sunday is also the time where we will reconnoiter with our one whole stressful week and give our final plan for the upcoming week.

Well, I spend my Sunday's morning with watching movies and catching up with all the series I had missed for the week - my Sunday "ritual" won't be complete with out series, I guess my life wouldn't be complete without series. Today, The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials - one of my favorite movie and book - in on my movie marathon list aside from my favorite series like How To Get Away With Murder and The Walking Dead.

I also never miss a morning without having my coffee. I'm a certified coffee addict - to be honest - Whether it's blended, hot or cold, as long as it has caffeine and sugar I will definitely gonna love it. My everyday morning coffee is a sachet of Nescafe 3-in-1 Original. It has the perfect blend of sweet and caffeine that will booze you up throughout your morning stuffs.

How is your Sunday's morning be spend like? Let me know by commenting it below.  

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